About US

Hello, We are Enoot. We love games and help gamers around the world. We make gaming better with our coded gaming cheats and game generators. We unlock games and we share with you and make gaming more fun for you.

Looking for game hack and cheats. Enoot is here to provide you all types of game hack tools, cheats, and generators to hack any game resources like coins, diamonds, gold, and gems. We cover everything about games cheats and games hack. Enoot  have the largest collection of game hacking guides on the internet. We continuously provide the best cheats and game hacks tools to our gaming community.

Our Story

The idea of Enoot  was born in 2017. When founder, Matt Lovell noticed that there are no tools available to hack games. Matt searched for games hack tools and generators on the internet that can hack games coins. He spent a lot of time but he did not found anything helpful. Matt knew how to code a tool that can hack any game. At the beginning of 2013, he started coding generators for his favorite games with his friend Jacob. Matt and Jacob both have strong programming background with years of experience. 

After 6 months of coding, we found a solution for games hack and game cheats. They decided to help the gaming community and made all the tools available online. Helping gamers make us happy. That’s how we named this free game cheats website Enoot . We quickly expanded from 2 friends to a team of 6 members.

Now Enoot run by six team members. We have 2 coders, 2 Writer, and 2 marketers and most importantly we’re gamer at heart. We together play games from home and work at Enoot . Enoots’ main office is located in – The Bronx, New York.

Our Mission

At Enoot , we solve the biggest problems for gamers. We empower and inspire gamers. Enoot is dedicated to providing high quality and useful information about game hacking to gamers. Enoots’ main goal is to make the gaming community better with our game cheats and hack tool.

We take out the pain of buying games coins, diamonds and gems by providing all premium items of games for free. We’ll work hard to bring you the best cheats for your favorite game. We offer gamers the most useful advice to improve their gameplay experience. We help you to unlock any game with our tools, cheats and secrets tips. Enoot  transforming game lovers’ lives through our free game hacking online generators and cheats. Enoot help gamers to achieve their goals and win every match, levels in games.

Enoot Values

  • We are 100% honest and honesty most important to us.
  • We are committed to deliver the best results and
  • We passionate about gaming and game cheats
  • We provide you trustworthy information on the internet
  • We encourage gamers to achieve their goals in real life and the gaming world
  • We share our ideas and very transparent with gaming knowledge we share
  • We 100% open-minded. We allow our users to share their ideas with us

What We Offer

Game hacks for any type of gaming platform and any games. Whether it’s PC games or mobile games for android and ios. Our latest game hacks and generators work for Xbox, PS4 games. To improve your gaming experience all of our tools cloud-based. You don’t have to download mod apk and work perfectly without root. All of our tools are free to use without any cost or monthly subscriptions. Now hacking games are easy with Enoot. When it comes to game hacking our tools work for online and offline games on every device android, PCs, Xbox, PS4 and IOS.

We aim to keep providing you the best working games cheats on Enoot. We are the best source of information and give you the legitimate downloads links, mod apk links, and hack generator links which will be 100% working all the time. All of our cheats are legal and will never get you banned from the game and we keep everything updated. Our future tools will be aimbots and bots for gaming which will help you to be the last one alive in battle royale type of games.

Our solution work for every game categories whether it’s shooter, action, action-adventure, role-playing, strategy games and work for many other types of games. Let’s build something together and help others for free.

Meet The Team

Enoot Team Is Passionate, Collaborative And Fearless. Meet Our Enoot Family. We have fun at work and lots of coffee.

Matt Lovell – Dev/Gamer/Admin

I’m a game developer and gamer with 6 years of experience. I’m gamer at heart so I started coding bots, cheats, and generators for games. Enoot is one of my best project so far to help gamers. I wrote several games in unity for android and ios. My best programming skills C++, Java, Python. During the holidays I play open world games on my android with my family. I code cheats for battle-royale, actions, and adventure games. I’m committed to providing gamers the best working cheats for their favorite games.

Jacob Wilkins – Dev/Gamer/Admin

I play games and program them. Using my programming skills I mod games and hack them. After finishing my master degree in computer science I shifted my focus to game development. I’ve been worked for game development companies for 4 years. Now helping my friend matt at Enoot to grow and inspire the gaming community. Now I code cheats and game hacks generators. Sitting in front of the computer screen and coding for hours is my daily life. In my free hours, I just play games and find ways to hack them.

Sophia Gordan – Writer/Gamer

I am an educated and highly skilled writer. I have 3 years of experience writing fictional mission stories for gaming companies. I enjoy my job a lot with my Enoot members.  My job allows me to learn more about games while playing games and having fun. Now I write about cheats and helping this gaming world. I guide gamers through my writing to hack games. I play social networking & strategy games on my android phone. Dragon city is my favorite social networking games so far. I always look after enoot cheats readers and listen to their opinions about gaming trends, news and help them.

Alicia Marie – Writer/Gamer

I have a true love for video games. In my previous job, I was writing about wildlife blogs and magazines. I had a small group of video gamers on Facebook. Enoot allowed me to enjoy myself while doing a job. I produce content for gamers to improve their gameplay. I dedicated myself to give readers the best insight into games. My fav game is pubg and FIFA and I play it every day in the office and at home for hours.

Andrew Cohn – Marketer/Gamer/Dev

I am addictive to video games and I am a social media and content, marketing expert. I worked for marketing agencies in New York. But video games were always something that I wanted to achieve. Enoot reached out to me and offered me full-time freedom while working. Now I help enoot cheats to bring the gamers who looking for cheats and game hack tools. I research on the internet and we enoot cheats help those game players by providing our free tools. Minecraft and pokemon go two of my favorites games. Before I go to bed I play my favorites games.

Jeff Grigas – Marketer/Gamer

I am a very hardcore gamer. I have been a virtual assistant and worked for companies virtually as a freelancer. I already playing games and working on game mods in my free time. I decided to join Enoot. Now I play games and create marketing strategies for enoot cheats from home. In holidays I and Enoot cheats family go-to vacation together and discuss about our new upcoming challenges. And we make things happen. I play survival multi-players battle games like WW2, crisis, COD. On my android device, I play brawl stars and coin master. You can contact me we can play together.