gta 6 beta for android

GTA 6 Android is finally here. After a long wait Rockstar finally Announced that GTA 6 beta can be played on android device for testing purpose. GTA 6 download android by clicking on the download now button. As this is just for testing purpose only limited number of invitation has been send so hurry up and grab your copy now. As this is GTA 6 game free download for android you don’t have to pay for anything. As there is certain restriction you will get while playing this game as this is not a full version of the game. Full version will be releasing soon by the end of this month.

GTA 6 download android devices which works in almost all Android devices. This time developers has used unity code to develop this game which works in all mobile platforms including Android and iPhone. Its nearly half a decade player were been waiting for this game to be released, after long wait GTA 6 Android is finally here with big news. Developers are expecting this game to be released soon by the end of this year as soon as the beta testing is over. Beta GTA 6 game free download for android is available now which you can get by simply clicking on the download now button if you wanna participate on beta testing. Which is absolutely for free. During this beta testing process you mobile device log file will be tracked to identify if there is any error or bug that is making game to run slow or not to run at all, looking at that we can fix the issues.

gta 6 beta download now button

GTA 6 game free download for android just click on the download now. GTA 6 Android was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Game can be played both single and multiplayer. As you will be required active internet connection while playing multiplayer. Talking about GTA 6 MAP this time you will be playing this game in totally different city non US country that Japan, Tokyo. This will be very fun to play as Japan in one of the most developed country in the world specially in technical field so it will be exciting to see who game gonna be like in Tokyo city. You will be playing some level of story mode on previous city which is Liberty city. So don’t be later to get GTA 6 download android

As this is just for testing purpose we would like all the player to limit this just to play game nothing more then that as there are many player who are miss using this app by trying to sell or trying to scam others so we would like to request not to do that can of behavior which can harm others. Beta testing is available for other platforms like GTA 6 PS4  you can try it out by clicking on the platform that you have by clicking on the menu above. Please do comment, like, subscribe about the experience that you had while playing GTA 6 Beta. Requirements for GTA 6 Android:
Android OS :  4.1 or above
Ram :2 GB Minimum
Space:1 GB free disk space required.