Is it really true, as some claim, that both parties are equally responsible for the ugliness in today’s politics?

Modern political activism began with Saul Alinsky, a mid-20th century community organizer who wrote “Rules for Radicals,” the tactical bible for the political left.

Alinsky taught confrontational politics where you relentlessly intimidate your opponent into submission. Using Alinsky’s methods, Democrats bullied their way into power while falsely accusing Republicans of being the bad guys.

Now that Republicans have gotten wise to Alinsky’s tactics and stand up to progressives, the media blame Republicans for vitriol while ignoring the Democrats’ inflammatory provocations.

There is a double standard. When California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters told protesters in April at Brooklyn Center, Minn., “we’ve got to stay on the street” and “we’ve got to get more confrontational,” she suffered no consequences for encouraging violence.

But when President Trump told a large crowd on Jan. 6 to go to the Capitol and peacefully demonstrate, he was impeached for inciting an insurrection.

What are Republicans supposed to do when faced with such shocking unfairness? Are they supposed to shut up and let the Democratic socialists take over without a fight?

Until the Democrats’ vicious tactics along with the outrageous bias against Republicans from government and the media stop, we cannot have honest debate and so the ugliness will continue.

Dave Majernik